Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Needs Protection?

In the world of adoption service providers it is not always the case that your adoption funds are going to be fully protected in case of an interruption to your adoption.  Adoptions are interrupted for several reasons but the most common is when a birth mother changes her mind.

It is a very difficult decision for any birth mother.  Most of the time this decision is made after the baby is born.  So for prospective adoptive families it comes as a shock.  Birth mothers of course have every right to change their minds and as an agency we support that decision when it does not put the child at jeopardy.

But for families and adoption service providers it is one of the risks involved in adoption.  The Adoption Center of Choice handles this situation two different ways.  Both will give families the peace of mind that their adoption funds or the money they have spent up to the point will not be lost.

As an adoptive father myself of two beautiful little girls who did not have that safety net when we adopted it really is a big deal.  Adoption is risky enough without having to worry about your funds being lost.

For any placement that is interrupted for any reason we offer our famillies the ability to have their funds rolled over into another placement situation until a placement is made.  For Biracial and Cauacasian placements we also offer a refund within 90 days of the interruption.

Either way you are guaranteed to be placed or get your money back regardless of any problem that may come up during the process.  I have spoken with many families that have lost up to $30,000 to a failed placement. We guarantee that will not happen with our service.

One thing that adoptive families should keep in mind is that many agencies will allow you to have your profile brought back into their birth mother pool and continue to advocate with their birth mothers on your behalf working hard to find you another match.  Very few however will do it without penalty of total loss or a partial loss of funds.  You can start over with another birth mother but you do it from square one all over again.

Some families I have spoken to have had part of the overall funds lost as each failed adoption occurred.  So over two or three failed placement attempts their adoption budget has taken a significant hit and they no longer have the necessary resources to consider all the options they could before they began.

Adoption can be a risky venture no doubt.  But if you are considering an agency ask them about their policies regarding refunding, about failed placements, and how many birth mothers a year they anticipate they will show your profile too.  These three things can save you money and time.

If you'd like to talk about our ability to provide your family professional adoption services without any risk to you send me an email at Dave williams@theadoptioncenter.com

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