Sunday, October 25, 2009

Creating A Profile Pool for Outreach Situations

Over the last few months you may have seen my various postings on my group "Prospective Adoptive Family Outreach". Because of the tremendous amount of opportunity that our active families have experienced we have depeleted our pool of famliies that are open to an African American or biracial African American placement entirely.

In June and July of this year we had enough active families that we only needed to do outreach once or twice a month. Since then our outreach case load has risen steadily with five new cases in August, and Seven in September. Now almost a week away from the end of October we have had ten outreach cases so far.

In an effort to recreate an active family pool we would like to invite any family that has a current home study done with background clearances from any other adoption service provider to forward their information to Dave Williams for immediate consideration with NO fee requirements upfront whatsoever.

Our goal is to then have an active pool of profiles that we can present to any of our birth mothers expecting a African American or African American biracial baby. For the African American placement the associated fees are then not due until two weeks before the baby is born. For our African American Biracial placement $1350.00 in fees are due at matching and the remainder two weeks before placement. In cases where delivery in immediately pending upon match all fees are due before physical placement.

All adoption fees are protected 100% by The Adoption Center of Choice in two ways. For all African American placements that are interrupted for any reason we roll your paid fees into another matching opportunity until a placement is made. For all Biracial placements we offer the same service as the African American placement plus an option for a refund within 90 days of interruption.

In creating this "profile pool" we hope that familes will recognize a great opportunity to be show cased to a large number of birth mothers with any out of pocket expense. On average a family working with us through outreach is matched within 3 months. Our latest numbers would indicate that if it took us a year to match you with a birth mother in our pool your profile will be in front of 40 - 50 different birth mothers.

What this does in essence is put the burden on our shoulders to show your profile to as many birth mothers as we can as quickly as we can. So my question is, where are you going to find an opportunity to have that done for you with no upfront fees? If you want to take advantage of this opportunity call Dave Williams directly at 801-473-9350 for more details.

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