Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Website Features

Our website is going to be changed and is scheduled to come online sometime in July of this year.  We are excited about all of the new features that the site will offer to both birth parents and prospective families.  It will offer much more information about our services to be sure, but also it will have videos, pictures, testimonials and a new feature where we will have all of our families profiles online.

Birth parents will be able to browse our families profiles according to specific criteria such as location, openness, interests, likes etc.  It will be a interactive site and this new section will allow birth parents to explore and view our families and then have the ability to contact our office if they would like more information.

With all of the actual advertising our agency does nationally this will give our families an added dimension of exposure.  We are excited about it and we hope you will come and visit us online once it comes online.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The work keeps moving ahead

We have had three families matched recently through our outreach program.  In addition two families were matched through our traditional program this week. 

We have also had some personnel changes at the agency in the last eight weeks.  Our Director Melissa Williams who worked with us for just over two years has moved on.  Melissa brought a renewed purpose and energy to the agency and helped to bring about some changes to our policies and procedures that will last long after she is gone.  We miss her and hope only the best for her in the future.

Our new director is Don Hanson.  Don brings a deep commitment to continue to carry on the good work of his predecessor. Don's career includes extensive business background with international service companies.  Don has traveled around the world in the last 25 years and we are excited to begin working with him. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outreach Update

Three families are currently in different stages of their adoption that have come on board to work with us through our outreach program.  Well, whats the big deal you might ask.  The big deal is that they all join the outreach program in January of this year. 

One of the factors that have contributed to their adoption success has been their openness to many different possibilities. Most families are getting match within 3-4 months in this program but for those who are matched within weeks it  is due to their flexibility to consider many different opportunities and therefore they are presented to a large number of birth parents. 

Exposure is the key for these families and the broader your adoption plan is the quicker you will most likely get matched. Of course there is no secret formula. But combined with maximum exposure to birth mothers, no upfront fees, and having the ability to adjust to individual adoption circumstances without much notice can maximize your adoption experience. For more information about our adoptive family services please contact Dave Williams at  801-473-9350