Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Website Features

Our website is going to be changed and is scheduled to come online sometime in July of this year.  We are excited about all of the new features that the site will offer to both birth parents and prospective families.  It will offer much more information about our services to be sure, but also it will have videos, pictures, testimonials and a new feature where we will have all of our families profiles online.

Birth parents will be able to browse our families profiles according to specific criteria such as location, openness, interests, likes etc.  It will be a interactive site and this new section will allow birth parents to explore and view our families and then have the ability to contact our office if they would like more information.

With all of the actual advertising our agency does nationally this will give our families an added dimension of exposure.  We are excited about it and we hope you will come and visit us online once it comes online.