Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outreach Update

Three families are currently in different stages of their adoption that have come on board to work with us through our outreach program.  Well, whats the big deal you might ask.  The big deal is that they all join the outreach program in January of this year. 

One of the factors that have contributed to their adoption success has been their openness to many different possibilities. Most families are getting match within 3-4 months in this program but for those who are matched within weeks it  is due to their flexibility to consider many different opportunities and therefore they are presented to a large number of birth parents. 

Exposure is the key for these families and the broader your adoption plan is the quicker you will most likely get matched. Of course there is no secret formula. But combined with maximum exposure to birth mothers, no upfront fees, and having the ability to adjust to individual adoption circumstances without much notice can maximize your adoption experience. For more information about our adoptive family services please contact Dave Williams at  801-473-9350