Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bottom of My Heart

Last week I got a voicemail at home from my Cardiologist. It went something like this. 'We have found something near the bottom of dave's heart we don't like, I need him to call into the office and schedule a procedure as soon as possible." I go in tommorrow morning to find out what it is.

Now two weeks ago, I went into see him because I had been experiencing some discomfort in my chest. No pain really just pressure and an overall strange feeling. I had some test done and from what I could gather from their responses something was up. Boy am I glad I listened to my body.

In life so many things seem to originate from the bottom of our hearts. Love, compassion, empathy, kindness, tenderness, faith and friendship are just a few that come to mind. In my work I find that these are attributes that are dearly needed and neccessary when speaking to prospective adoptive families. I should know, my wife and I have been on that side of the fence twice before.

It is also in my opinion a vital character trait needed by any family wanting to adopt. In order to fully appreciate the complexities of the adoptive process couples should have a tender heart for those women that make such an important decision for their unborn baby and for themselves as well. Once you have been through it your heart is changed forever. I have felt your compassion many times over for the birth mothers in our program.

It is a rightious desire for any married couple to want to raise a family of their own. It is in most cases the secret desire of their hearts eminating I am sure from the very bottom. Adoptive families learn very quckly that it is the heart to heart connection between themselves and their new son or daughter that will define the relationship they will share through out their lives. There is no genetic connection, no direct physical connection that binds them. Yet they are bound just the same.

So as I was pondering what could be wrong with the bottom of my heart and It came to me, that's the section in my heart that has been used more than any other throughout my life, the very bottom. Thank you for helping me wear it out it on behalf of you and the women I serve. It is a blessing in my life.

Dave Williams
Adoptive Family Specialist
The Adoption Center of Choice

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Matches, Matches, Matches!

My mom always told me not to play with matches when I was a little boy. I took her advice back then because she knew better and I didn't want to start a fire in the house.

If only my mom coud see me now. I am a big fan of matches. This weekend we as an agency had five families and birth mothers matched for adoption. If you ask me there is a fire going on in our house and we couldn't be happier.

Our birth mother program is continuing to grow at a very steady rate and our families are reaping the rewards of the growth. With over 60 active birth mothers on any given day and up to 15 new calls a day our birth mother intake team is working very hard to keep up with the demand.

If you are a prospective family that would lke to know more about our program please give Dave Williams a call at 801-473-9350 and he will glad to discuss your options with you.

Urgent Outreach Still Looking for a Family

Our agency is still hoping to find a Utah based home study prepared family to be considered for our little guy in Louisiana. If you would like to be shown to our birth mother please contact Dave Williams at 801-473-9350.

This situation is very clean and a perfect situation for the right family. The birth father is a colloge football player and the birth mother is very healthy and active. She is described as very beautiful with a great personality.

The birth father is aware and will consent to the adoption. She is due in late October. Please see our post below

Thank you,

Dave Williams
Adoptive Family Specialist

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We have a new African American Oureach Opportunity

We have a birth mother who placed with us a year ago. She came to Utah but has decided that she wants to go back to Louisiana (and will be leaving on Tuesday Sept 29th 2009 ). We need profiles to show to her before she leaves. We MUST have a Utah family to place with her baby.

Current information:
African American Boy
Due Date: 10.26.09
birth father is aware of the pregnancy and will consent to the adoption
She will probably have a c-section
Birth mother is athletic no medical or mental issues (Grandmother had diabetes)
no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco
Birth father is tall, athletic - plays college football no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco
no medical or mental issues
Birth mother has medicaid - no medical fees
This is an urgent request

Placement Fee 17,575
Out of state legal fees $6000-$8000
Post Placement $2500

Contact Dave Williams 801-473-9350 for more information