Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five New Outreach Opportunities For Homestudy Prepared Families to Consider

I have been posting outreach cases on AV sinceJune and I have never had five new outreach cases at one time. Outreach is when I don't have a family in my agency that I can show to a birth motherin my birth mother pool. It is a great opportunity for home study prepared families to consider. We have three African American situations and two biracial situations. I have posted information on each case on my group "Prospective Adoptive Family Outreach" on this website. We are in need of families for all five placements. Each case is unique depending on the state, legal fees, and medical fees.
These cases are all due at various times with the last due by Jan 10th 2010 and are both baby boys and baby girls with one unknown gender. If you would like to be presented on any of these situations after careful consideration please contact Dave Williams at The Adoption Center of Choice at 801-473-9350.

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