Friday, October 2, 2009

Fee-Nominal Idea! (Updated)

Too help clarify our outreach fee program for our current families we have updated this post as of Oct 27, 2009.
In an effort to help prospective families expose their family profile to a larger circle of Arfican american and biracial birth mothers the Adoption Center of Choice is offering a new outreach program. In the past our agency required a registration fee, upfront, with additional fees due at the 45 day mark, at matching before a outreach placement could be made.

Now we are offering families access to our entire pool of outreach birth mothers. No fees will be required to have your famiy profile presented on a regular basis to our outreach birth mothers. Once you are matched with a birth mother and she is placing with your family will any fees be due.

For African American outreach if there is any reason for an interruption in the placement your family will be put back into our birth mother pool and we will again start advocating for you again. For Biracial outreach you can have the same service provided or a refund within 90 days.

There is no loss of funds what so ever. 100% protected guaranteed. We have put the financial burden squarely on our shoulders and lifted it from yours. Is there a catch? No catch, no registration fee is required.

For more information call Dave Williams at 801-473-9350

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  1. This is such an innovative approach to fee schedules, I applaude your agency for this mind set. Hopefully it remains intact and you are able to generate more placements by being thoughtful of the concerns of adoptive parents. We recently experienced a painful failed placement and can not imagine the compounded grief that would have resulted had we also lost the financial ability to search out another placement.