Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking for two loving homes for two sets of twins

Our agency is doing outreach to find families who are interested in adopting twins. Two of our birth mothers are due in approx 10 weeks. We are not able to match them with any family in our current pool of families. In both cases the birth mother will be selecting the adoptive couple.

Therefore, we can only consider families who have already had their home study completed and up to date as well as their BCI background checks completed to be given an opportunity to have their family profile approved by our agency before consideration.

African American twin girls (East Coast)
Adoption fees are approx $30,575
Additional legal fee of $5000
Additional information - Birth mother has history of mental health issues.
Birth mother has delivered twins before prematurely so there is a risk of same.

Hispanic twin boys (Utah)
Biracial Hispanic/African American
Adoption fees are approx $37,375
additional legal fee of $1000
Additional Medical Expenses approx $10,000
Additional Information - Birth mother suffers from gestational diabetes that could effect newborns health so medical expenses are approx

If you would like to know more about these twins contact Dave Williams at 801-473-9350.

Dave Williams
Adoptive Family Specialist


  1. If this is domestic why are the adoption fees so much?

  2. You are helping "birth" mothers and couples find each other? Does this mean you won't work with expectant mothers who are exploring their options including adoption? And that you do your best to keep expectant fathers out of the picture?